Future of Computer Education

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs did an interview in 1990. In that interview he concluded that the education of computer is all theory based and new inventions would be hard to do because the hardware knowledge was going to be extinct. It’s no longer when education systems will only teach theory part of how a computer works and that’s all. No one will teach how to make a keyboard or how to make a mouse. The practical knowledge would be no longer considered as a need for working in a computer-based industry. As he said it’s true today. It’s true that we don’t get hardware knowledge in any colleges. There’s no entry level exposure for students. There is no one who can teach students how to make a computer hardware.

Computer Science Degree

The degree we pursue is the degree which sells us in the market without marking a label of half production capacity. The employers need half production capacity based employees because they don’t want their employees to cross them and be there own employers. The fear of getting lost is so major that students don’t even question teachers that what is there in an 8086 chip. The main Moto of a CS degree is specialisation in software and hardware both. Maybe the “education industry” is great in selling bad products or students are not that curious to know how can I make my own advanced keyboard. Make my own brand. Sell it in markets and it will be 1 time investment and a lot higher ROI. Why don’t we think like that ? Even if the students make an advanced version of a keyboard every year, they will feel good. The process in R&D will be so fast. Because you are producing industry genius who have specialised in one specific technology. Making a group of them can produce a big company. We can’t even imagine how the industry will grow ! But as said the education sector is becoming more of a money laundry. You keep putting money and it keeps refurbishing at the end and the product is half productive capacity based student who doesn’t know why he took education when he has to again learn to work. Why student has to learn in industry before he has to go for job ? Why ? What does college teach us ?


We need to change this. It’s hard to start and make people aware of this. But this can impact to a fortune future. The leaders know it but they can’t do anything because people are not ready to change. But we as humans know what is right and what is wrong. Let’s be the change and let’s help our future generation grow successfully.




Inspire | Motivate | Struggle

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Patil Edukos

Patil Edukos

Inspire | Motivate | Struggle

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