Invention and Innovation

Patil Edukos
3 min readNov 25, 2020

“Create before Negate” — Bhavesh Patil

Made by Bhavesh Patil ;)


Innovation is doing things differently but rather creating ways to do things differently. Steve Jobs said to “Think Different”. It has been a fact in today’s world being the most innovative person in this world.

Greatest innovators of the world who built the first version of the most useful inventions we use today.

  1. Thomas Edition: Light bulb
  2. Nikola Tesla: Electricity although he was not given the credit
  3. Benjamin Franklin: Founding father of the United States
  4. Leonardo Da Vinci: Artist
  5. Alexander Graham Bell: Telephone
  6. Sandford Fleming: Worldwide standard times and Standard time zones
  7. Marie Curie: Radioactivity
  8. The Wright brothers: Airplane
  9. Galileo Galilee: Father of modern science
  10. Richard Feynman: Quantum Theory
  11. Steve Jobs: Apple
  12. Bill Gates: Microsoft
  13. Elon Musk: SpaceX and Tesla

The list goes on…

Creativity is using your backpack to swim. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. There are hundreds of thousands of ideas you can develop just by doing your daily work. Like the one, I just generated when I was writing the article. If I market it like Apple then it will be like -“A backpack may save your life by just wearing it”. You see there are many inventions to be done. Many crazy ideas pop into everyone’s mind every day. Innovation is combining two different things in one combinational idea like what I described in the first line, a backpack is a different thing and swimming is a different thing.

Inventions are very hard to create and Innovations are very hard to follow. Life comes with hard choices. Life also deserves better. So, don’t waste time doing hard work in downgrading your body by watching Netflix. Do hard work for your health by doing daily workouts. It matters why you do hard work and what work you do to get it. As life is short, it doesn’t matter if you fail a lot of times. Failure is part of life’s journey so we should enjoy failures.

A little life abstract

I have faced a lot of failures. Some of them are failed in mathematics 3 times in a row, failed in other engineering subjects, failed in submissions, failed in presentations, failed in stage daring/performances, failed in keeping my schedules. My life changed in the year 2020 from January when I started enjoying my life. I got fabulous teachers who took out the hidden creativity in me. I also thank myself to believe in me. I did things that I would never do in my life. I am still doing what I didn’t do or I won’t do. I especially turned my life into 1-month challenges. Now, I am pretty good at it. I also did the hardest things like doing 100 pushups, 100 bicep exercises, 100 shoulder exercises every day for a month. There are many great things about me as well as a lot of failures.

Check my profile on linkedIn to know what things I achieved in this year. I wish you learned something about invention and creativity in this article. Be sure to do what you fear or don’t like or face failure in it.