What happens when you study 12 hours continuously.

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12 Hours

I t feels like you have immense power to adapt to anything. It feels like you can sit 24 hours or more just doing the study of your college. When you try doing it, it feels so laggy and you start feeling lazy. You keep competing and after that, it becomes a new normal for you. New normal is pretty much a common word now. Your mind is on a higher verge of getting fully concentrated. The mind stops thinking of any other work and just tries to tell you that you can do more than that. When I tried that yesterday, I was surprised by my capacity of studying. My mind got so deep that I didn’t even eat all day long. My mind was fully concentrated and was not dissipated by someone trying to do anything different or exposing social media. The mind is very crucial to control because it’s easy to deflect the concentration but it’s not easy to be concentrating continuously for 12 hours or more.

Tweaking your mind is easy but requires more time. You need to control your mind first to try concentrating on one thing at a continuous speed. You at least need 3 months to control yourself. It feels amazing and enthusiastic to know that you are capable of studying 12 hours a day. It seems to be impossible to hear but many business magnets do this every day. They seem to be working 12 hours a day to update themselves as well as their business. Those people spend their time learning new things. Your mind stays stable only when you try doing new things or doing things a new way. Doing the same thing differently is something that keeps you running.

Elon Musk

What we learn:

  1. Don’t underestimate the capacity of someone else.
  2. Believe in yourself.
  3. Practice sitting for hours doing work.
  4. Do the same thing differently.
  5. Have patience.

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Inspire | Motivate | Struggle

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Patil Edukos

Patil Edukos

Inspire | Motivate | Struggle

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